About Radiance

A Videography AgencY That MAkes Your Story Shine.

we're dedicated to providing stunning professional content that makes people  Want more.

Our Core Values


Under promise and over deliver. Always give more then what's expected.


Care about people the way Christ did and to look at them as a person not a number. Someone made in the image of God.


Always thinking outside the box, learning new things and creating a product the wows the customer.


Always do everything as unto the Lord, having character to be honest in a way that builds trust with our customers.

Consistant Hard work

To be committed to consistent work habits, being present to work hard & smart while at work while not adopting fanaticism and losing sight of what's important.

We're committed to serving You, by deliverying what we promise. Quality.

A Letter from Our Founder

Hi my name is Jason, Owner & Founder of Radiance Videography. If you would have told me 5 yrs ago that I would have started a company that would take me all over the world tell amazing stories, I would would have told you that you were crazy. 

I fell into videography by accident and found a passion in telling stories through video. I love the whole process from start to finish, everything from finding out about our customers and what makes them tick, and then creating a story come alive on camera.

It all began when I started my fitness company about ten years ago, and I knew that I wanted to provide video content that I could offer to people and would be easy to follow, so I started learning everything I could. I invested hours into learning and applying those skills to develop a wide knowledge of videography best practices, from lighting to post production, and video editing. What I didn't expect is how much I would enjoy making and producing videos for myself, it was natural for me to want to help others.

As I started getting the attention of other businesses noticing the work we had done. I eventually started shooting weddings and telling stories for other businesses. The rest was history.

Since then Radiance has had the privilege of shooting film for big corporations and brands that we would never have dreamed of like StorCo Storage, Main Street Real Estate, large father based organizations, and many more. We feel so blessed by God to have the opportunity he has given us and hopefully we be able to share our gifts to help tell your story.

- Jason Dames

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